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Re: Player/Coach Changes (Ivan Lendl working with Andy Murray, yes it's true)

I read this on Bleacher guy posted it as a comment .....funny as hell

Ivan Lendl: Muzza, you got to get on the court today with me and practice on your second serve.
Andy Murray (petulantly): But Ivan, I need two more for my killstreak for air support and Iím about to merc these noobs here.
Ivan Lendl: You know what? You better get your butt off the couch or Iím about to pull your ears!
Andy Murray: No you canít do that! I hired you! Okay Lendl? Okay?! I just donít feel like it right now. Besides it's too sunny outside now.
Ivan Lendl: Thatís not how I won all those slamsÖ
Andy Murray: You won them because you played in a weak era. Thatís what my friends say.
Ivan Lendl: Did they say what Iím about to do with this tennis racket here if you donít man up and start listening to your coach?
Andy Murray (drops 360 controller, runs into kitchen): Mom?! Mom! Díyou hear what coach Len-DL said to me? (exchange) No mum! I practiced yesterday and took Kim to the mall last night like you said. Iím tired of being told! Iím tired of this @#@$! Just when I got a clean headshot and Clan Ostrich Face is ahead and Mr. Legend has to walk in there and start demanding things. (exchange) No, you go there and tell him, Iíve had it and Iím thinking about going solo againÖ Oh, yes, Iím serious.
Murrayís Mum (comes out of kitchen): Ivan, heís just a kid alright? You have to be more gentle. Didnít he get a couple of serves in the general vicinity of the box yesterday?
Ivan Lendl: You guys tell that to Rafa, the next time Andy loses a semifinal. If thatís how you want to-
Murrayís Mum: Theyíre friends Ivan. Have a heart, will ya?
Andy Murray: Yeah, I-van, weíre friends. Pfft! Like I care if Rafa beats me. At least I merced him in COD 3 last night. Please, not that you would know anything about friendship. With your Robocop voice and your Robocop walk. At least Rafa likes me and when he beats me, like every time, in tennis, he hugs me, afterward. You donít know, so shut it!
Ivan Lendl: No, youíre right, I wouldnít want to know what thatís likeÖ

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