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Re: Djokovic defeats Federer Abu Dhabi SF 6-2 6-1

If Nadal's sensible he'll tank to Ferrer & play his buddy Roger tomorrow - gives the organisers the Fedal match they want & Ferrer/Novak would be a competitive final. Nadal in his current mind frame is clearly not ready to beat Novak (he'd struggle even at his best against the Novak that was on display today) but he's not like Fed & won't switch off against Novak even if it is an exo. It would be a pointless battle he'd end up losing that would be even worse for his confidence. Let Ferru get a chance to win this thing - you never know - the man can run.

Great display from Novak - clearly the favourite for Australia if there was ever any doubt. To judge the whole season from this tournament is tough though - go and look at the Fedal final from last year - I don't think Rafa played as well (hitting consistently deep) most of the rest of the year even if it was just an exo. But the main point is this is a man far removed from what we saw in London - he's rejuvenated and motivated. Australia will be fun with him & Murray both hungry for glory.
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