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Re: New blog post (179) (24/12/11) The Best Univesity In the World - by Amir Weintrau

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
You expect the ATP to be sensible, that's not happening. It's not going to happen, it's the classic the needs of the very few are more important the others.
AJ on point as usual.

The ATP aggressively markets the top stars at the expense of the journeymen and lower ranked players. Its the NBA business model translated for tennis - or at least that of most American sports where the star culture was perfected. It fits tennis perfectly as everyone plays for themselves - except that where a journeyman in a US sport makes a great living, in tennis they barely get by.

I assume the ATP and tournament organizers realize though that gradually bankrupting anyone outside of the top 50 will severely limit the ability of the Grand Slams and Masters tournaments to populate a quality 64 or 128 draw - which last time I checked make them much more compelling as sporting competitions.

And god forbid travel costs continue to rise as oil gets scarcer and airlines continue to merge raising ticket prices - we'll have in a worse case scenario a series of regional tours for all but the best players. Personally I could never stomach the possibility I won't see Pere Riba at the US Open one day
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