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Originally Posted by Crowdmaker View Post
Don`t mean to disrespect anything written here, but I doubt pro gamblers have time to write in here.
To which level each of us are considered serious gamblers is best shown by our current bank accounts, but if there`s any truth in
a myths when it comes to betting is only that we are betting each other`s money!
At the end of the day, bookies are smiling and personally I reckon they are doing mostly excellent job when setting odds.
Probably the most common term in every gambler vocabulary is VALUE. Well, for me value means a WINNING bet, preferably with odds that are making
Profit at least 50% on the staked money. On the long run, these are Single bets, even though I get tempted frequently by combos.
Gambling in general should never be that serious that is considered as daytime job. No matter how successful gambler is, by having this as only income,
pressure is just pilling up and it`s a matter of day when it becomes unbearable.
Just my 2 cents.
Betting/trading can be a job.

Someone like Carretero makes a good living betting on tennis with the bookies, and his knowledge of challenger/itf level tennis is clearly better than 99% of bookmaker odds-setters, although he has to work hard to keep opening new accounts.

I made a living betting with bookies, I had a clear edge, but found it difficult to keep opening new accounts and switched my attention to trading on betfair. I currently make a good living betting 80% inplay.

I might not be able to do this for the next 10+ years, not because I would lose my edge, or my discipline, but because betfair are becoming more like a bookmaker and putting big charges on winning customers. Or maybe I'll get bored and wan't to do something else.
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