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Re: Off Topic Chat Thread

Merry Christmas everyone! Or God Jul as we say here in Norway

I was just wondering.. what are your thoughts on the Canadian sportsman of the year award? Do you really think Patrick Chan deserved it? I sure as hell didn't! He's a spoiled brat, and Milos deserves it SO much more! Here's why:

Patrick Chan voted sportsman of the year? What a joke! The guy doesn't even want to skate for Canada! He said he feels more Chinese, and he's not appreciated, blah blah.. he's basically a big crybaby, and I can't stand that spoiled ugly brat. He's even corrupt, they changed the points system just for him! Yet he wins the award for being the best in a sport that maybe 10 countries compete in? He falls down a lot too, weirdly enough he doesn't lose any points, and wins and wins, yet skaters skating BETTER than him lose, WTF?!?! I can't stand Patrick, and figure skating was a sport I loved before it became corrupt. I also can't stand the homophobia Skate Canada has spewed the last few years, with their "tough campaign". What a load of BS. Is it any wonder why a bunch of skaters have suddenly "retired" the last few years? They had one thing in common: they were all gay. I am sick and tired of the Evangelical and homophobic agenda from Skate Canada.

Anyway.. my point is just that Milos should have won sportsman of the year, not spoiled brat Patrick Chan. Milos is proud of being Canadian, even though he was born in Montenegro, while Chan would rather skate for China. Also, Tennis is a bigger sport and it's a bigger achievement to move 100+ spots to top 25 in the world in less than a year, than being the #1 in the tiny sport of figure skating imo.


Also supporting known chokers Verdasco, Lopez and Monaco

Originally Posted by rubbERR View Post
Verdasco was their cheerleader, number one mascot.
They let him play tennis once after they saw his "consistency is everything" advertisement.
Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Joke thread? Kohlschreiber clowns this servebot in 3.
Maybe 4 or 5 if he wants to get more of a workout in.

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