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More talented: Sebastien Grosjean or Richard Gasquet

Both have lethal weapons but fatal flaws:

Grosjean had magnificent footwork similar to Federer gliding style and most unique awesome forehand that can generate miracle like shots from insane positions, however he also possessed one of the worst of the worst backhand ever for a top 10 player. He possesses a great serve for his height can generate up to 217kmph thanks to his brilliant smooth service motion. He wasnt the world number one in junior singles/doubles and wimbledon semi finalist (2003, 2004) twice in a row for no reason, for he also possess a fantastic touch up the net combined with a good slice. Grosjean is a difficult player to play against, his versatility, counter punching and court coverage can make opponent make heaps of unforced errors at the same time hit myriad amount of winners thanks to his cannon forehand but because the horrid backhand is such an obvious weakness players who have played him a few times will eventually know how best to counter his game (tommy haas was a good example). His backhand was weak, but that actually wasnt his main weakness - His main weak was that he was a super mental midget with choking ability second to nobody.

Gasquet as we all know have a stunning one of the best ever one handed backhand. If therre is david nalbandians or marat safins two handed backhand, then theres richard gasquets one handed backhand, its that simple. However, while his respectable senior countryman Sebastien Grosjean Big John possessed one of the worst backhand on tour, Gasquet lol possess one of the worst of the worst of the worst forehand ever. His horrid forehand is somewhat of a tradeoff for having such a beautiful backhand, for without the gripping, his backhand will not be the same despite fantastic technique. Gripping combined with a slow non flowing preperation technique forces him to continuously play weak reverse top spin forehands which constantly lands short is the lethal blow to his game. The slow footspeed doesnt help either, it forces him to play weak defensive slices, and just further exposes the weakness on the forehand side. Despite his obvioux weakness though the guy is almost unstoppable once he is given a good day when he finally find some balls to play aggressive tennis and In that regards Grosjean and Gasquet are very similar.

So who do you think is more talented? I have seen both of them live quite many times and they both ooze with talent in their sport, but my personal vote goes to my favourite Sebaastien Grosjean.

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