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Re: Djokovic and defending titles...

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
Who are you trying to convince with all that demagogy?
Novak's dominance at Wimbledon and US Open was absolute and the way he destroyed Nadal, his only genuine rival this year, makes me thing that he has a great chance of going for the Career Slam in 2012. Ambition and confidence is everything and he's high on that. Not to mention that no one did even come close to his level of play this year nor his consistency. He will continue to dominate.
I know civilised debate isn't really done at MTF but having a different opinion isn't 'demagogy'! How can he have dominated Wimbledon when he lost a set to Tomic and could have been taken to a fifth?! That's a player who was top 70 then right?! He was convincing in both those tournaments yes and got the job done but that is not dominating. Dominating is what Fed did to Roddick in Aus 07 (and pretty much all other opponents that tournament) or Rafa to Fed in RG 08 i.e. utterly outplaying top level opponents and not even dropping a set. Novak outplayed Nadal in those finals yes and looked in control in both but to dominate a tournament is more than dominating the final and specifically one player. He was much more dominant in Australia than in Wimbledon or New York.

Of course Novak was the best this year and the most consistent - that's why he's no.1. The operative phrase is "this year" - Nadal was the most consistent in 2008; Fed was in 05/06/07 - it all ends sometime. I think Novak is more likely to be like Nadal due to their style of play and frankly because players like Murray, Del Potro etc. have the skill to even beat top-level Novak on their day - he is no longer as far ahead of the field as he was at the start of 2011. Is the calendar year slam impossible? No. Unlikely? Yes. You need a lot of luck as well as a great level of play. Next year the Olympics adds an extra dimension too - for one player to dominate throughout will be tough and as I said I think Del Po, Murray etc. are hungry and will certainly take scalps at Masters events if not slams.
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