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Djokovic and defending titles...

He's not even as good as horrible Rafa who only defends on clay (Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, and the FO).

Djokovic only has defended two events EVER (2009 and 2010 Beijing and 2009-2011 Dubai).

Do I think he'll defend ANY of his 2011 events in 2012, YES, mainly because he won 10 events and odds are he's not going to lose ALL 10 of them in 2012.

NO WAY he defends all 10 of his events, I'm going to break them down one-by-one and say which ones I think he defends and which ones he doesn't...

Australian Open: He does NOT defend.

Dubai: He DOES defend.

Indian Wells: He DOES defend.

Miami: He does NOT defend.

Belgrade: He DOES defend.

Madrid: He DOES defend.

Rome: He does NOT defend.

Wimbledon: He does NOT defend.

Montreal/Toronto: He does NOT defend.

U.S. Open: He DOES defend.

So there you have it, he defends half of his titles and maybe wins another 1-3 titles that he didn't win in 2011 (i.e. French Open, Cincinnati, Asian events, Basel, Paris, and WTF).
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