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Who is going to be Next Word Number 1,come the end of 2012 ?

Novak Djokovic

After a stellar 2011, which ranked amongst one of the Best seasons ever, Djokovic would have heightened expectations off him. He has a lot of titles and points to defend plus the added pressure of being the Number 1 target of the players. Can he do it?

Flipside :
Pressure and Expectations of starting a season after one of the best seasons in the history.
Injuries and possible Wear out:
He already showed signs of injuries and wear out at the fag end of 2011

He is just 24.He is young. He has a well settled coaching group who have all the scientific approach towards sports sorted out.
Barring his injuries noone looks really to take over his reign.

Rafel Nadal Parera:

On the face of it Nadal didnt have a bad 2011 at all. Winning one Grand Slam and 2 other titles and only bettered by Djokovic. He mostly had the better of his major rivals like Federer and Murray.


As it stands he cant win a tournament if Djokovic is in it.
Likes of Federer and Murray have got better of him and that might might suggest a trend
Injuries and Wear out. As he has suffered injuries and at the fag end of 2011 suggested a possible lack of interest.

Still the Best 2 player in the World
Had a strong finish in 2011 by winning the Davis Cup

Roger Federer:

He had a quiet season in 2011 but exploded at the end of 2011 being the Clear winner during the Indoor swing of the season. Quite apparently no longer has the legs to compete in most of the tournaments, has done some smart Tournament scheduling for himself.

He is in 30s and would have to struggle a lot in the slug fest with some of his younger rivals like Djokovic,Nadal
When his rivals are on Top Form, Djokovic and Nadal, his chances of winning against them are still questionable.

Has still the hunger and motivation required for the year Long Grind.
He is still Federer, one of the Games Best ever, and GOAT for all practical purposes
During the fag end of 2011 he still showed the kids how is it done.

Andy Murray:

Muzza,as he is known for his close fans, had a somewhat disappointing year in 2011. Couldnt satisfy expectations off him. However it could be very attributed to the AO 2011 which he expected to win it himself. But he did have a strong strong finish to the season. Conquered the Asian Swing and gave his longtime nemesis, Nadal, a lesson.

Lingering Doubt over his temperament to be Number 1
When his rivals are in Top Form,Djokovic,Federer and Nadal, Doubts remains whether can he mix up with them at the Top Most Level.

Had a very strong end to 2011.
he still remains one of the Best Players ever not to have won a Grand Slam.

Juan Martin Del Potro:

He came back from a serious wrist injury. Had a decent 2011, with winning a title, breaking back in the Top 20. Had some good performances, in the Davis Cup, against Both Serbia and Spain, shows that Del Pony might have a huge 2012 in store

Injury management remains biggest road block. Can he shake it off?
Would he show enough patience to get back in the Elite group. because clearly the game has somewhat move on with the likes of Djokovic,Nadal showing the way

Still has the hitting talent that can match up to a Bulldozer,no kidding here.
He is still very very young and if he shows the right attitude and does all the appropriate things regarding his injuries he could be a real handful for the Top 4

David Nalbandian

Nalby, as he is known to his dear fans, had a somewhat disappointing end to 2011 with injuries and his comebacks taking most of the time. However he has got experience over time so it is always a good thing. And with the World Class Talent, rarely has the World seen the hitting talent he has got, coupled with his experience of handling injuries, he might be a formidable force in 2012.

Flip side:
Injuries. He is not getting any younger. And darker than ever clouds linger with each of the new injuries that he get

His Talent. Rarely has the world seen a better hitting talent than Nalbandian. When he is on his game few can Stop him.
His strong finish in the Davis Cup shows that he is still very motivated to play the game.

Possible next Candidates Robin Soderling or Jo Wilfred Tsonga
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