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How to be a tennis fan?

Sorry for the rather vague title. Okay so I've always liked tennis but I'm guilty at the moment of being the kind of tennis fan that everyone ridicules - the kind who's obsessively interested during Wimbledon and a bit out-of-touch the rest of the year. In all honesty, I often take time off work during Wimbledon to stay in touch and even if I don't then the country (I live in England) is so overtaken with Wimbledon euphoria then you can't help but get a glimpse of what is going on (they have big screens near where I work). But the rest of the year, I work full-time from Monday to Friday (as most people do!) and struggle to stay in touch. Now most sports fans over here seem to be football fans. And they're fine because most football matches are on Saturdays and Sundays and they can happily watch them. But most important tennis is tournament tennis and takes place Monday to Friday, so what to do?

Of course, I can read the tennis news in the paper or on websites and keep abreast of things that way. But seriously, is that how tennis fans really keep in the loop? Can they really go most of the time without watching any actual matches? Even good highlights programmes are hard to come by, except perhaps in grand slam tournaments (I don't have a Eurosport subscription and was thinking I should get one, but not sure if it would help much.)

So this is really kind of an open question, but how do you live life as a tennis fan?
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