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Re: What is the best route

Originally Posted by alaw989 View Post

I'm looking to try to play some college tennis. I'm a 4.0 player and playing on a couple USTA leagues, but I'm only 24. The way my game is looking right now, I'm feeling like I need to try to get even more competitive. If I could start playing some real meaningful, challenging tennis for a college, one of my late realized life goals would be achieved. See the thing is, I've already graduated from a D1 college so that rules out eligibility for playing for any D1 what I was told. I'm not sure about D2, need to check on that.

If collegiate tennis is not an option...then I have been considering joining the Air Force. Does anyone have any experience on what playing tennis in the military is like? How could I get involved with it?

Or any other suggestions? Train harder and play futures? Lol
You should still be able to play D1, you have 5 years of athletic eligibility left, so long as you didn't play any other D1 sports while you were in school. However, I don't think you would make a large D1 school starting roster seeing as they are stacked with 5.0+ players. Try playing for a smaller private school. That might be your best shot.
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