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Re: christopher hitchens dead at 62.

the last advice he gave to atheists in his final interview

"Never be afraid of stridency"
13 December 2011

Richard Dawkins: One of my main beefs with religion is the way they label children as a "Catholic child" or a "Muslim child". I've become a bit of a bore about it.

Christopher Hitchens: You must never be afraid of that charge, any more than stridency.

RD: I will remember that.

CH: If I was strident, it doesn't matter - I was a jobbing hack, I bang my drum. You have a discipline in which you are very distinguished. You've educated a lot of people; nobody denies that, not even your worst enemies. You see your discipline being attacked and defamed and attempts made to drive it out.

Stridency is the least you should muster . . . It's the shame of your colleagues that they don't form ranks and say, "Listen, we're going to defend our colleagues from these appalling and obfuscating elements."
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