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Re: Speed up the Courts

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
The balls are all type2 now.
Hi philosophicalarf,

Thanks for this. Though various ball types appears to be within the ITF guidelines. I wasn't sure if a tournament was permitted to change ball type or not. So instead of publishing the ball type, perhaps the ball brand should be made known/recorded, if it isn't already.

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf
That might lead to misunderstandings...
Environment and ball brand can be certainly be a factor, but I think the surface is primary. It might be nice to list environment characteristics on the scoreboard, but people can get this from the weather report or elsewhere.

If the ball types are all type 2, they should theoretically start with similar bounce/compression characteristics, though this can change during the match depending on the ball's "wear factor", characteristics of deterioration of the ball via use and court surface. Perhaps there is a ball "wear factor", but I know of no measurement for this.

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