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Re: Off Topic Chat Thread

Originally Posted by canuckfan View Post
Don't you guys find it sad that our country's culture is just a sum of dumb stereotypes? (maple syrup, beavers, hockey, winter, eh, indians, celine dion,...).

I mean, what other country in the world has a cheap donuts shop as a national icon?

I guess it has to do with being a young country. Australia has pretty much the same problem. (kangaroos, boomerangs, beaches,...)

Familiarity breeds contempt. It seems like crap to us because it's our everyday lives.

I mean, I hear people go on about how beautiful, exotic and 'cultural' Indian saris are... but to the women there, it's just what they wear everyday -- like jeans and tshirt to us. We fawn over Asia's noodle and rice dishes (which they eat every day), while they dream of Big Macs and fries.

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