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Re: TT changes 2012

Anything that can improve/change/remove the PTS shootout rule is most welcome

Otherwise other (usual) stuff:

- Manager abuse needs to stop. I don't care if the person pleading is saying that they are only pointing out the obvious or entitled to complain - its ridiculous what certain players think they should be able to get away with and most of the time its the players that never manage who are the worst offenders. Of course, there are instances where managers are not doing the job they signed up for - but in those instances alerting the board and resorting to the Code of Conduct should be the best alternative and remarks should never be personal. If they are, the poster has forefeited the right to not expect a ban.
- US (and Korean) challengers without livescoring should be replaced and/or removed when feasible.
- In FITD last season, one manager put in place a Asian series at the end of the season that rewarded the top player (like the US Open Olympus series on the ATP) over the course of the tournaments. This worked great and is a great idea - perhaps we can look at implementing one for TT, with a ranking points boost for lets say the top 5 players.
- If we could get a "board" or "committee" together at the beginning of the season of experienced managers to write up a "Intro to TT managing" or "Guide to TT Managing" or something along those lines, I think it would be very useful and helpful to new managers. It may also help recruit new managers to the cause and take away the question of incentives that is clearly never going anywhere.
- I like the idea of a manager being able to award one wildcard to an ATP tournament or ATP qualifying. I honestly dont see the harm except frankly to players like myself around 60-80 in the rankings. I dont think a board needs to be appointed here, rather the tournament manager could make the choice.
- If two players both dont send, I think its completely unfair a LL can come in and move into round 2. The top score of a losing player who sent in picks should be moved to that spot and can move into the next round.
- Back to the PTS thing, if identical picks are sent in lets say after round 2 in a 32 tournament or round 3 in larger tournaments, I would rather CB be used immediately in order to reward a player who has been most consistent over the course of the tournament rather than a player who perhaps got lucky in the early rounds.
- Early deadlines are fine. If you miss one, most likely it was the player's fault. Plenty of TT players are online consistently but dont read the tournament threads and wait until the last minute. In that case, it shouldnt be the manager's fault someone wasn't paying attention.
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