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Re: Argentina - To be a tennis fan in a Football country

Here in Brazil you have programs in the middle of the day discussing Foootball and players wives and who went out last night, which players are not training as hard, which players are looking 5 pounds fater from the previous week, pause, some Highlights about every major team's history same images we have seen it many years, Pause, talks some more about Ronaldo, a little bit about Ronaldinho, now, some 10 minutes dedicated judt to Neymar and so on.

A lot of sports programs, some I don't even know who they can be call that, have something like 5 sports "commentators" that really know how to talk in depth about one sport, can you guess which one it is? they can problably talk in deph about the National championship of 1960, but ask him won won the last GS. At least the cable TV coverage is good regarding tennis, can't complain, but if you are looking for it on the news or being discussed on sports programs, tough luck.

I don't really complain anymore, I think that is somewhat the tennis charm, is not a sport for the masses and one which most people just follow trough group sheep mentality. Tennis is usually all about the sport itself not much BS and I like it. The people who watch it usually do it as a hobby and because they are into the sport and not because of tribal reasons like oh, go Real Madrid and Bull sh*t like that.
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