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Re: Meaning of the word " Choke "

Originally Posted by RickDaStick View Post
For some reason people love using this word. Yea, there are times where a player chokes like when serving for the match in a big match and he hits 2 double faults and a couple of unforced errors. That is a choke without a question but when a player is serving for a match and the returner hits 4 winners most people here still called it a choke. That shouldnt be the case sometimes you have to be able to say the other guy is just too good today. If a player is favorite to win a tournament and he loses to some guy who plays the match of his life, well guess what MTF still says choke. Not true. I think many of you people need to learn what a choke is before you start saying every player who loses is a choker.
Funny how you should mention this

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