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Re: Who better? Roddick or Tipsarevic ?

Originally Posted by shiaben View Post
Regardless. O6 Roddick still had weaknesses. Overall as a threat, Tipsarevic is still a bigger threat to most players. Roddick unfortunately, is not. Which reflects where he is in the rankings.

He pushed Federer to 5 sets at the Australian Open in his first shot while someone like Roddick needed many years to push Federer to 5 sets. On top of that Tipsarevic has better overall technique in all their years.

Roddick's return of serve, backhand, have been shitty for almost a decade now. His forehand has also been crap for the last several years. Tipsarevic has weaknesses as well, but not as rudimentary as the ones Roddick has and far few in number.
Originally Posted by SetSampras View Post
Great post.. You actually prove the point I've been saying for years.. Arguably, Tipsy may be more of a threat then what was Fed's main rival for about 4 years

Roddick is pretty much NO threat to the top.. Tipsarevic seems more of one on his day.. He pushed Fed to 5 at the AO, pushed Nole hard this year as well at the USO. Roddick hasn't really done much of pushing the top guys (besides pushing himself) in a very long time.

Tipsy I always felt was more dangerous.. I actually think hes more talented and deadly then Roddick is.

Listen to reason Fards... Please.. Roddick is no threat and never really has been.
Roddick needs to be respected more, damn it.

At his peak, Roddick's serve was deadly. And his FH was a weapon. The only one who could deal with Roddick's serve consistently was Fed. This is where he got unlucky, cause he made finals and SFs, only to be denied by the one player that could take away his main weapon. Fed is such a bad match up for Roddick, it's not even funny. Well, maybe it is. lol. Anyway, if Roddick was really a mug like Tipsarevic, he wouldn't have reach all those finals and SFs.

Now, SetSampras knows this but he has an agenda, so lol. But shiaben, I hope you have an agenda too cause if not, then lol too. Learn the damn sport.
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