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Re: TT changes 2012

Yeah the 10% was definitely a better idea, the WTF becomes a WTF of managers not of players if the field is 2/3 managers. I'd be pretty pissed off if I was the #9 player in the world (oh wait I am) and I didn't get to play the WTF but 16 managers did who could be ranked somewhere in the 200s Something like that could really be the death of TT because the thing about the WTF is that it is an elite tournament that not everyone can get in, you have to play your way in, and this in my opinion lowers the level of the tournament and completely ruins the entire point of it that it is for the top ranked players only I really don't want to have to play someone ranked 96 in the WTF.. that's just not the point of it. I can do that playing Delray Beach

I appreciate the effort you put into explaining out your position, because now I'm informed enough to say I am really not a fan of it at all. I think ruining the WTF goes a little bit too far. And I agree with those who say it would create a player class and a manager class.

For the record, I'm totally against manager incentives also, mainly because I think there's no fair way to create any that doesn't penalize people for not having the time to do it. I just wanted to hear some ideas from the people who support it I think the reason people don't manage is not because they don't want to, or they don't care about TT, but more so because of the time you need to be able to manage a tournament. The way to get more managers is to somehow create a different culture in TT where you won't be crucified if you can't post differences on time (or maybe not at all). I think players have been spoiled by some quality managers in the past who gave more of their time than they should have and now they expect all managers to be sitting by their computers to answer "what if" scenarios or to update or post commentary and awards. That all takes a lot of time.. but if the expectation is to create a draw, receive picks, and post scores at the end of the day... that's a lot more feasible as a time requirement I think. When TT first started the thread was full of "Hey Deathless Mortal, are you on? Lets exchange picks" and not "GOSH where is this manager? DIFFS? DIFFS? DIFFS?" I think differences are a luxury not a necessity Maybe if managers didn't feel they had to be accessible all the time or stuck to their computer all day, it could lead to some people coming back. Hell, if my tournaments knew that my time was limited and to expect bare minimum management, maybe I'd come back myself.

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