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Re: US presidential election 2012

Originally Posted by Grassquet View Post
Seingeist and Buddyholly, your Obama hating is ridiculous. He did a good job in a difficult context.
i don't have the will to read every stupid post those 2 have made in this thread so i'll just state my opinion on obama: he's a clown.

but please allow me to explain: he is an opportunist with little principles and an astaunding lack of moral codes, even for US presidents' standards. mind you, i maintained this exact opinion about him from the get go. his idiotic 'change to come' campaign was only swallowed by tons of dumb yanks who were tired of bush and a million of liberal euros who were so gullible to believe that just because obama was black and relatively young he was virtually going to be the savior of the world. then some mugs in stockholm had the balls to give him the nobel prize. the ceremony would have been quite hilarious if only the 'prize' hadn't been prostituted so much before that it could only be considered as the icing of the cake to watch a warmongering clown like obama winning an peace contest.

then again, there was never any reason to be fooled by him. his hawkish credentials were already well stated before he got to be president. from his stance in the patriot act until his approval of wars in the middle east or his support of the jewish state of israel.

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