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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

^^ Thanks for your contribution, 2003.
Yes, Alan Parsons Project surely belongs to be included in ProgRock, but imho, they've always been just a bit too 'easy', too 'mainstream' to be included with the genuine greats of the genre. I miss the quirckiness, awkwardness of those.
A bit of a "second tier" compared to their contemporaries, to be honest. That said, their early albums Tales of Mistery and Imagination, as well as I Robot are certainly worth a listening - or even two.


That said, Chris Rainbow's lovely mellow vocals on this^^ particular song make it into some kind of a 'guilty pleasure' to me. Might well have to do with me being a hard-core Bridge player, and indeed,
"... But the Game never ends, when your whole world depends - on the Turn of A Friendly Card..."

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


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