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Re: What does federer need to work on before AO 2012 to maximize slam chance?

Originally Posted by masterclass View Post
On the contrary, I believe Roger would love nothing better than to beat any of the trio above when they are at their best. If anything, playing players that are less than their best or not equal to the task appears to bore him and he often looks for ways to make matches more challenging, hence his apparent lapses in concentration when ahead, especially in the more recent past. However, when Roger is playing at his best, no one can beat him, and he is virtually unplayable.
If anyone would start and continue their participations on MTF with such reasonable, analytical posts, it would be quite boring here... Nice analysis and I'm happy that such intelligent and not hateful posters are coming here nowadays.

Congrats, for the entire post, not only for the cited part. My reaction would have been the same if your analysis would have been Djokovic or Rafa-related...

Q. Do you think you would have been able to play as well as you played today, or you think you would have pulled out from the game if it wasn't the Masters Cup final?

ROGER FEDERER: No, Roger Federer doesn't pull out. Otherwise he doesn't walk on court (smiling).

After losing to Nalbandian in 2005 TMC final...
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