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Re: "you know, dude? I really wanted that cup" - Argentinian feelings about Davis Cup

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
You know... Argentinian fans are one the most passionate fans in all the world. We've been described like that by so many people from so many different countries.
So... I think I can say that.

We're a Football (soccer) nation, and our biggest soccer clubs like Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Racing, Independiente or other ones can bring 40.000 people every weekend to a stadium.
When the National Football Team plays, there are always 60.000 tickets sold in less than a week.

We do care so much to the "National sports". For the most people here, Davis Cup is the most important tennis tournament, because they're not playing for themselves, they're playing for Argentina, for the argentinan flag. (I'll talk about this later).

So many people call us "The Argies"... Here, some people seems to hate that term. In my opinion, I love it. I love the world talking about my country. I love to be regognized.

The "Ussual argentinian" seems to be kinda... egocentric. "He" thinks he's the center of the world and he doesn't care about the other ones.
I think i'm not like that, but I take it the funny way and I like the Argentinian to be recognized as that, it's kinda cool .

When Davis Cup is played, the matches are broadcasted by the Open Television. In the TV channel with the most high rating (Canal Trece).

And those days, the whole country is behind tennis, you'd probably see people who only knows Nalbandian and Del Potro, and who doesn't give a shit about the sport, cheering for Argentina with his soul and his heart.

The Argentinian tennis fan, usually cares about DC too, and those fans are the ones who travel to anywhere in the country if they can, to cheer and scream like an elefant in every single point won by our player (whoever it'll be).

I was talking to my friends via Facebook, and one of them told to me "You know, dude... I really wanted that cup. I really wanted Argentina to win this and to be part of DC history".
He isn't a big tennis fan, he likes tennis, watches some Grand Slam matches, but he doesn't know (for example) how many titles did Delpo, Fed, Monaco or Nalbandian won in 2011.

But, in terms of Davis Cup, we are one.
One only big soul just wanting our country to win, and to be up there. With that Davis Cup in our hands.
We cried when Acasuso lost to Safin and Verdasco, we cried 'till we didn't have any more tears when Rafa screamed that big "VAMOS!".
Delpo cried to... He cried vs Ferrer, he cried during the match vs Nadal. But we don't care.
We lost fighting, we los fighting like gladiators, like big men.

It's another lost final. But we're not gonna give up.
Vamos Argentina!!!!

Thanks MTF. I'm so happy I can share this with the world. It's just my humble opinion, my love to my country and the feelings DC awakes in eveyone of us.
I hope you can enjoy this.

great attitude. Those tears in defeat will make the upcoming victories that much more sweeter. Good luck.


*Assumes Rafael Nadal was never born
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