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Re: 2011 Year in Review (and MTF Tennis Canada Predictions!)

Thought it would be fun to look back at some of the predictions we made in the "Canadian Players" thread. No one really came close overall, which is more proof of just what a breakout season Canadian tennis had this year!

milos will break the top 100, and stay there for the rest of the season.
peter should finish at around 140-150 with strong challenger results.
frank: really not sure because of his injuries. if he's healthy, i think he'd finish around 100-120.
vasek and bester should take on challengers and do quite well.
chvojka: he could finish top 300 but i don't know if he's going to play a full calendar year...
diez: he'll continue improving steadily, with big futures results and some challengers.
duclos: i think he's unfortunately going down
klingemann: he should get a few good futures results
pavel: hope he gets 10 points or more.
I also hope a few juniors earn 1 or 2 atp points, espeacially peliwo and nguyen.

5 predictions from me:

1. Davis Cup - Canada will make it back to the World Group.
2. Frank - Will finish top 80-100
3. Milos - Continues to break out. He will finish 80-100
3. Peter - Will finish 150-200
4. Nestor - New partnership with Mirnyi will not work. Will change partner before end of the year.
5. Bester - Will finish 180-200
*** Possible dream prediction!***
Davis cup Make to World Group
Frank breaks top 50-75 (if injuries free)
Milos breaks top 50-75 (if pressures doesn't get to him and injuries free)
Peter top 100-125 (if starts to belive in himself and injuries free)
Bester top 150-175 (if injuries free)

peter - will fall further down the chain. He will get back to the 150 range but i doubt he'll go any higher then 150.

milos - will break into the top 100 but will fall out again by the end of the year, ending at around 110 or very close.

frank - will find his form again and make a run at some kind of tournament, possibly the rogers cup and break back into the top 100.

philip - will take on more challengers and get himself into the top 200, finishing around 175.

vasel - dont see him doing anything special, will fair better at the challenger level but will continue to be inconsistent and will be passed by philip in the ranks. He'll finish around 230.

canada - will qualify for the the world group of davis cup taking advantage of a VERY kind draw.

dont really know enough about the juniors to say anything. I could see canada having atleast 6 men playing in a grand slam in some fashion by wimbledon though.

Peter establishes a new career high, but still outside top 100
Milos makes the final of an ATP event
Canada qualifies for the World Group of Davis Cup
Rotaru breaks the top 1000.
Vasek has a positive record in challenger events.

Milos cracks the Top 100, and floats around the bottom of there, unless he gets a nice Grass Season draw, then he could go up to somewhere around 75 or higher in the world.

Peter cracks the top 200 for sure, won't go over 150

Frank, cracks the top 150, sits around 120 at season's end.

Philip, gets into the challengers circuit, probably floats around 200 in the world

Vasek, I'll say that he can break into the top 200, he has the same potential as Polansky in my opinion.

I agree Rotaru should be able to get into the Top 1000, and Chvojka might get top 300

Peliwo should pick up 1 or 2 points in the Futures
Nguyen maybe 1 or 2
Krainik should get to around 10-15 points
Ochotta 1 or 2
Zach White and Haessig might be able to pick up some points, but they're playing College

5 predictions from me:

1. Davis Cup - Canada will not make it back to the World Group. We'll lose in the playoff.
2. Frank - Will make a nice run at a 250 tournament like Johannesburg. Some solid results will follow, but nothing spectacular. There will be more injuries. He will qualify for a GS, but draw a high seed. Finishes the year at 125.
3. Peter - Will win his first challenger and qualify again for the French Open. However, inconsistent play will continue and he will finish ranked 175.
4. Nestor - New partnership with Mirnyi won't work out... until around July. Then they will take Wimbledon. He will finish the year ranked number 3 in doubles.
5. Milos - Continues to break out. He will finish 82 in the world. He will qualify for the AO and Wimbledon, and win his first GS match in England. At some point, he'll get his wish and play Federer. Will have some nice results on the US hardcourt circuit, but will still have to qualify for the US Open. He will be upset. After, will come back and have another solid indoor season. Will qualify for the MD of the 2012 Aussie Open.

As for Vasek and Phil and Pierre-Ludovic, I have no strong opinions. It could go either way.
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