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Re: "Happy" Valley... Update: Paterno OUT after 46 years

I've been busy with you know, living through this whole disaster, as well as being a college student. Just thought I'd respond to the general vibe of the whole thread.

Those who are saying "why does anyone just care about the school and not about the kids" which I've seen a few times, you clearly are selectively paying attention. We've raised nearly 500,000 dollars for the victims of these crimes. The athletic department has pledged another 1.5 million dollars.

To the person from Ohio State, I understand, and you're probably right for most of it, until you said the word "crimes" and then I realized you probably think Joe Paterno is a criminal and then your opinion lost all weight. Not a knock on you since the media did a great job of making this the "Joe Paterno Scandal" instead of the "Jerry Sandusk Scandal", but still.

Life's back to normal here, but I'm never going to forget the Nebraska football game. When the players from both teams prayed together pre-game, the entire stadium went silent. I don't know how many of you have been in a singular place as 110,000 people are silent, but that moment will be ingrained in my mind for quite a while.

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