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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

And, a genuine to Seingeist -

The "Church of your Heart" - by lovely Swedish progrock band The Flower Kings

"... We do believe in wonder, we do believe it's right!
Stars will be our blankets, the moon supply the light -
Gracefully I watch them coming down like waterfalls,
All ancient souls, universal wisdom, come true! Open doors....

Believe, in the church of your heart
And every step you'll take is magic
You'll stand up to the heat
True, be true to your heart
And thru the looking glass of wonder
The universe, now at your feet....

Belief, will go all the way, build us a home, a heart out of clay
True, the sharp interplay, and no man shall dare, to stand in our way
It's true, the church of your heart....

Time may catch me in the middle of my great grand mission
Time may not be right, but still I hammer on, nail my higher vision
No moment in stagnation,
Still ain't no science fiction, slave to my one conviction
Watch for this elevation, flowers and celebration
Work my way to your heart, is it really true, tell me....
Tell me that it's.......true, the church of your heart"

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


Into music of the PROG-Dorky-kind? visit my blog or MTF's Prog Rock Thread.

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