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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by habibko View Post
this is a common word play in our civilized world in the efforts of good natured religious people to have the best of both worlds, people make their own religion and their own god inside them according to what feels "right" to them, they might "consider" themselves catholic, but that won't make them one, they aren't adhering to the tenets of their faith anymore
I think that you've been talking to the more extreme believers a bit too much.

there is a no room for gays in the Bible, no prophet respected gays or addressed them with any form of respect, on the contrary they were always condemned and punished, and critical towards the pope? would the pope have called those who defied him catholics when christianity was still fresh?

I can only say that many christians I know do make room for gays in this world. Yes, perhaps that's cherry-picking. I can understand that viewpoint (esp. if your viewpoint is static as well). I don't quite agree with that, though. If it makes them fake christians in the eyes of many, fine. I don't think that such matters are that static and absolute.

I don't view what the early popes said about real or fake catholics as relevant. Popes are humans, flawed just like the rest of us. (heck, I don't view what the current pope says as relevant but I'm an agnostic and no longer a practicing catholic anyway)

by that definition Islam is also part of Christianity..

No offense but didn't you push the "reply" button a bit too quickly here?
If I'm not mistaken, Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet but NOT as the messiah. Hence, it's not christianity. "Christ" means, "the anointed one', the "messiah".
The Bible has many prophets but only one messiah.
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