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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
I think this applies to all religions. Christianity - and in recent times, Islam - tends to get a bad rep because of people like Aloimeh and evangelists who insist on propagating their religion even when people aren't interested, and sometimes resorting to rather despicable ways to do so (example: denigrating another religion. This always annoys me. And telling people that they will go to hell if they don't convert. How is this supposed to make me want to be a Christian?).

I don't think all Christians are brainwashed. I do, however, think that there will always be certain people that subscribe to a particular faith, whatever it is, that are brainwashed by their religion. Look at those Islamic fundamentalists. Look at the morons who called for Salman Rushdie's death for publishing a novel. Those people are brainwashed. Aloimeh appears brainwashed to me. It's just pointless discussing such issues with people who are so narrow-minded that they can't even see the extent to which their minds have been closed by their beliefs.

I did at one point keep an open mind regarding religion, and being in a Catholic school meant that I was exposed to the Christian faith on a daily basis. After a while, though, I decided that none of it made sense to me and therefore chose atheism.
Well your friends lovey-dovey BS doesn't seem to have convinced you to believe. I can see that the other approach doesn't either.

Again, Catholicism is as far from Christianity as Islam or Hinduism. Stop telling us that you know what Christianity is all about.

And I like to see how you take special offense at someone who knows the scriptures and can quote them to you. I'm apparently brainwashed according to you. Memo: you can know someone is brainwashed only by knowing their life history and/or witnessing their way of arguing. The fact that their beliefs are rigid and even socially-unacceptable doesn't mean they are brainwashed. I don't just spit out answers with no backing, I always try to back everything up with Bible quotes. That's hardly brainwashing, it's called being a well-informed Christian.

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