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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
The only possible explanation for your post is that you're not actually being serious and that you're merely parodying what a hardcore Christian would say. Otherwise, I'd find it - and you, by extension - slightly worrying.

I saw Sunset's post about burning pages from the Bible. My post did not address whether I approved or disapproved with her actions. My post addressed only the vile nature of your response to her, which at least matched, if not exceeded, the offensive nature of her actions. On second thought, I would say that you came out tops in the contest of whose post was more disgusting - your post smacked of the kind of irrational and hateful spite that I hope to never come in contact with in my daily, offline life. Thankfully most of the Christians that I've encountered in my life are normal people.
Really, it doesn't surprise me that you didn't post about her behavior, because you seem to think it not particularly bad.

Let's see: hate crime (hatred of Judaism and Christianity), destruction of the property of others, vandalism, arson in a hotel. Anything I left out? The woman is guilty of multiple felonies in every hotel in which Bibles are kept in the bedrooms. She's admitted as much herself.

Your response: let's talk about Aloimeh's outraged words on an internet forum instead of dealing with her arson.

Lest we forget: "Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn human beings." (Heine)

Sorry, didn't understand what you meant by "polite and saccharine" story. I can say, however, that almost all my friends are Christians and they've presented a way better version of Christianity than you have on this forum, and not just in this thread.

And of course, trust you to imply that my friends' version of Christianity is flawed.

If that's your version of love, then I fear for your enemies.
I mean that the Jesus gentle, sweet, and mild image is not effective for all or even most people. It's also a half-truth. There's a whole other side of God - the holy, perfect judge - that needs to be conveyed to unbelievers. If your friends are anything like what you say they are, I suppose they are the sort that say "I totally understand where you're coming from. I personally believe in Jesus as my savior, but I can understand your different belief system, and that's OK."

It's NOT OK. It's not just false, it's not Christianity at all.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
I agree completely with the bolded parts. I've always thought it somewhat ironic that, as an atheist, some of my closest friends are practising Christians. In fact, my boyfriend is a Christian. I went to a Catholic school. At least 99% of the Christians that I've encountered are nothing like Aloimeh. There weren't many like him in my school either.
Catholicism is as different from Christianity as from Islam.

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