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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by Verd View Post
I know you mistyped. Doesn't change the fact that you lumped together gays with actual criminals and tried to argue that your god only hates all of our actions. Because your god and some of its followers believe that me loving another consenting adult is a sin that needs to be forgiven the same way as someone shooting up a liquor store. Any god who can come up with that is either or fascist.

Your larger paragraph is basically a bunch of fallaciously argued gobbledygook so I'm not going to even touch that with a ten-foot-pole. But as to your "lifestyle" comments, you are way off base with that one. My penchant for Thai food and hiking is part of my lifestyle; the person I fall in love with isn't a "lifestyle."
Gays are criminals in Iran. So what? You're mixing up morals with laws. In some societies it is illegal to be gay/engage in gay sex. I am sure you disapprove of such laws. In other societies it's perfectly OK to be gay. I disagree with those laws myself. So we can only speak of morals here.

The Bible clearly censures homosexuality, male homosexuality specifically in the Old Testament, and both male and female homosexuality in the New Testament.

Before going on a rampage against God because he puts a damper on your desires and behavior, maybe it's time you consider whether or not you have a firm moral foundation for believing your feelings/behavior to be right.

What, exactly, tells you that it's OK to be gay other than the fact that you are so and it feels good (to you)?

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