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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by Verd View Post
If your alleged god lumps the "actions" of gays like me together with those of killers and thieves and sexual criminals, then I am even more glad your god doesn't exist.

As for the subject of this thread, any fool with an iota of literacy can easily see where the Bible is misogynistic. The punishments proscribed for sexual "crimes" are generally far harsher for a woman than they are for men, as they also are for men who abandon the traditional male gender role (i.e. take on the "woman's role") by lying with other men. And despite the Bible's claim that women's status as childbearers is a holy/divine role, the rules for pregnant or menstruating women are all based around the idea that women are unclean. A woman who has just discharged her "holy" duty to "be fruitful and multiply" by giving birth is considered unclean and is considered unworthy to enter the tabernacle without offering a blood sacrifice after she waits the proscribed period: if she gives birth to a boy she is unclean for a week and must wait 33 days to be purified, whereas if she gives birth to a girl she is unclean for two weeks and must wait 66 days. This is misogyny plain and simple, predicated on the notion that women are unclean and of less worth. This notion of women being ritually unclean is not unique to Christianity but it's a major part of its history, and is the root of all the rules which are still in place in some Christian denominations that bar women from participating in the religion as fully as men do, whether it be their prohibition from distributing communion, teaching in church, touching sacred objects, or being ordained.

People can cry all they want about critics "cherry-picking" bad verses from the Bible to delegitimize it. Those people never stop to wonder why there is a veritable smorgasbord of verses for us "critics" to choose from, and how they themselves are cherry-picking the verses out of the Bible that makes them feel comfortable and happy with the religion they've chosen. They need to examine how they are conveniently absolving themselves of any responsibility for the hate and discrimination perpetrated on millions with the justification of Bible passages they claim to disavow even as they try to defend the book as a legitimate moral authority and Guide to Living.
Unfortunately for you He does exist, whether you finds that threatening or not.

The Bible is not particularly misogynistic, although it would be true to say that it is patriarchal.

For instance, the Old Testament laws oftentimes go way beyond those of other societies in putting women on a more equal footing. The commandment tells us to honor both our father and mother (not just the father). It also says that a child who curses or strikes his mother - just like his father - is worthy of punishment (death). In adultery, both the man and woman get stoned. When it's clear that it was **** only the rapist gets stoned.

Christianity, on the other hand, gives women practically equal rights. Read the Gospels. Women are discriminated against in terms of church service and are to be subject to their husbands in the home, but anyone reading the Gospel will see just how prominent of a role women had in Jesus' ministry - Mary, Elizabeth, Anna, Mary & Martha, Mary Magdalene, etc.

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