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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

I'm gonna first address the question at hand and then veer off-tangent slightly.

First of all, whether the bible is misogynistic at all is really not our concern. Regardless of whether God or his followers wrote the bible, (which I will first say I am more inclined to believe the latter), it was written at a certain point of time. Social norms are only valid for the time period they were found in. (e.g. Slavery was normal in Roman times but not in modern period, i.e. misogyny may be acceptable or in fact demanded at that time, vs how it is not acceptable now). Whether or not misogyny was accepted is another matter, but whether the bible is misogynistic at all is really not our concern as it is only applicable to social standards then.

Which leads me to my 2nd point.
Given that we can all conclude that not everything in the bible can be taken as written, can we all just agree to disagree? Bible-believers will always believe, and non-bible-believers will never believe. ALL I ASK is for bible-believers to stop quoting the bible as "fact" (when it is so obviously not sufficient on its own to be a fact) or, this is my more important concern, making laws on the basis of the bible (far more problematic). Similarly, burning the bible is kind of stupid, especially if it's burning hotel bibles, seeing as they're not really your property.

I will say this though, the only thing I am truly unhappy about the bible is that it brings about crazy people like Aloimeh

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