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Re: "Misogynistic" passages in the Bible

Originally Posted by Aloimeh View Post
How convenient that you didn't notice the part where she talks about burning pages out of Bibles in hotels. Or did you see it and approve?

I'm glad your Christian friends are "nice." I'm also not surprised that you aren't Christian, when they sell you this polite and saccharine story.
You're not very impressed with that, are you?

I don't spew hate. I love Sunset of Age, that's why I tell her what she is, what she's doing, and what she must do to set things right. She hates God, she destroys His word, mocks Him and His followers, and leads a life of sin. She is headed on an express train to hell. She knows now what she must do to avoid it. I've told her and done my part.
but what you are doing is judging people and you dont even know them, i would admit that i did judge people, but its still wrong for anyone including myself and you to judge others! God said "Judge not less not ye be judge", thats the truth, you dont want to judge others cause then you will come out as a hypocrite more than the person you judge, now im not saying that you are not a christian and that i disagree with every comment you made, but sometimes theres a point where you need to tone it down a bit and dont get too much hype into the person who you argue, deal or debate with
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