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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

Originally Posted by jmjhb View Post
Indeed. However, Considering my dad built a chapel [although it is non-denominational and as I said in the thread, he liked the design and he's not religious at all] (My dad built a chapel...) and my current job is trying to market it, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite trashing religion.

Anyway, I digress. Do you like Tool? They were actually my first foray into 'prog'.
Tool? Oh sure! Entirely LOVE their Lateralus and Aenima, especially.

To keep it in spirit of the current discussion elsewhere... how about -


Die Eier Von Satan -exquisite industrial metal/prog crossover. WOW!

I wonder how many folks will be putting their utmost best into trying to misunderstand this song, too. -

Gotta go now, bedtime for me, hope to see you around soon again!

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


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