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Re: Eurosport Loses Roland Garros Tv rights

Originally Posted by merryploughbhoy View Post
The BBC's total coverage of all sport is worth peanuts to SKY's premier league revenue and profit alone. They then distribute that share of the profits very unevenly to the teams resulting in the same predictable league every year with teams unable to compete with others. Look at American sports leagues, hockey, football baseball and even basketball, A team can finish near bottom one year and win it the next, making it much more exciting for the fans because it's more of an even playing field thats not contolled by TV companies dictating clubs budget.
I think the Premier League has been brilliant so far this year! I don't really have much knowledge of how TV revenues are divided up but I guess for the American sports it'd be easier to distribute revenues equally if it's just in one country. If big clubs in the English Premier League stopped getting loads of money from tv deals then i'd expect we'd end up with some kind of European Super League. I guess what i'm saying is that it's more a trend for football in general than it is just down to the way TV revenues are distributed.

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