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Re: Giving all banned posters a second chance??

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
BigJohn's ban still not listed on the "Banned users" list, so we don't know how long it's for. I wonder if it's under some kind of appeal.

I was in the thread and saw the posts he was banned for before they got deleted. If someone came to my house and said "I'll give you $100,000 to get yourself banned on MTF in 15 minutes" I'd post what he posted. Unless he wanted to get himself banned, the whole thing is very fishy. Those posts... it didn't sound like him at all.
What on earth are you suggesting?

And you didn't apparently know him very well at all, perhaps by virtue of the fact that you were not on the wrong end of his agreement or approval. He's always had a nasty streak in him.

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
God will spit in your face before sending you to hell.
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