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Re: DTT Managers Thread 2011

Originally Posted by Marto View Post
Also I suggest that I can run ranking from 2012, because I see that Yanick is too busy at some moments
that's a good idea - I really appreciate that Yannick does it but he shouldn't have to worry about it all the time as there are much more important things for him to do

What I think should be changed is:

1. As somebody already mentioned (I think Marto) the thread should be opened 2 weeks prior to the tournament start.

2. In addition we should use the rankings as of 2 weeks earlier and seeding based on the ranking 1 week before the tournament start

3. We should be using Special Exempts and only 26 DE's

4. Main Draw should start on Monday - not always on Tuesday - it should be handled like in Paris (We used Challenger matches for qualification and Paris Matches for the MD)
Players in the Qualification could send picks for the Qualifying and for the Main Draw -. if they qualify they could be placed into the MD immediately as they already made MD picks
The disadvantage would be a 2-day First round - in the meantime the OOP wouldn't always have to be split what would make the manager's task easier. that'sworth talking about I reckon

5. Have a Challenger twice a month (I support jervisjames idea) - Players around 50-60 could collect points easier and Qualification for the Main Events is not needed all the time

6. Late Picks not to be accepted - It's really annoying to wait for players make their picks after the deadline - in most cases they don't even need them anymore because the defeat is predeterminded...

7. Make DTT more popular - it doesn't afford too much time and it's a really good game
Maybe we should make some ad's in the forum - considering that and MANAGERS

I can help out more often next year - I'll manage Week 1 and then maybe in March, May and during June and July...

By the way who is on the DTT board? I'd like to have a go there if help is needed



Predicitons on Federer possibly defeating Nadal in the AO Final
ZERO chance of it happening.
In 2014 RAFA was severely injured and still straight setted him.
RAFA is destined to win DCGS and this match on Sunday.
I fully believe it'll be a beatdown similar to 6-1 6-3 6-0 like that RG '08 final.
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