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Re: "Happy" Valley

Originally Posted by hat__boy View Post
I have never heared of any of these people before but did Joe Paterno, without doubt, know what was going on?
This is shady. He knew something was going on, but according to many many people he didn't know how severe the actions that took place were. One of the prosecutors has said that McQueary's statement to Paterno was rather vague and he never had a full grasp of the situation.

Originally Posted by Mr.Michael View Post
You're studying to become a lawyer?

I didn't grow in Pennsylvania but I did attend a very good university here in Europe. But any of that doesn't matter.

People say "don't jump to conclusion"? I mean, please? Joe was the most influental man in Penn State and you claim he knew so little? You honestly believe he hadn't already heard things and rumours? And the McQuery thing was the dagger.

McQuery and semantics? How is that possible? You can't hide the fact that he told 2002 something quite disturbing to Paterno. Why are we even talking about this? They obviously took some limited actions against Sandusky, so they believed something serious was going on, right? Paterno himself has acknowledged that he should have done more.

Paterno was just covering and protecting his university. In principle that is understandable but in this case it is also unforgivable.
I'm studying to become an Actuary, don't exactly know where you got lawyer from. Did you read the 23 page grand jury report? If you haven't you are jumping to conclusions. If you think he tried to cover it up? You're also jumping to conclusions. There is literally no evidence of that. None.

Do you have it in your head that McQuery told Paterno and then Paterno did nothing? Because that's the way you're blaming him. If his bosses tell the police like they're supposed to then Joe Paterno is being LAUDED for what he did.

Paterno saying he should have done more is true. He probably should have done more. My point is we do not know what he knew, and as such he didn't deserve to be fired in the manner he was. We also don't know if his bosses lied to him when he tried to follow up. One of the men charged with covering this up was the de facto head of police, so why would Paterno not assume he had gone to the police? And if they were willing to lie to a grand jury, why not to Paterno. THAT is what I'm saying.

If he had been allowed to retire the way he wanted this would have been a much smaller issue here on campus. All we wanted was one more game to show the man who has done so much for this university how we feel. And the BoT decided to take that away from us.

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