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Re: DTT Managers Thread 2011

I know it's really really early, but can I put my hand up for Week 2 in 2012 - Sydney (and Auckland?)

Also, I wanted to put out for discussion for next year:
I was thinking that a few weeks during the year there may only be one ATP tournament on and in the case that we have too many players for a Main Draw, to limit the number of Singles entries to 28 with a "Qualifying" of 1 round consisting 8 players (so a total of 36 maximum?). If adopted: I will offer now to run Challengers tournaments in those weeks that there is only the single tournament on in the ATP (not including the Grand Slam tournaments, as there should be enough doubles matches to cater for a larger draw). This would allow players to earn points the same way for TT Challengers if they don't make the cut for the ATP tournament.

The only issue I can see is if there is say 40 entries for the week... not sure how to go about that as 4 players would be too small to run a tournament. Perhaps if >=40 players enter, then have a 32 draw for ATP and minimum 8+ draw for Challenger? and if less than 40 players enter, then have a single qualifying round for ATP tournament to accommodate all players. At some point this year, there were a few tournaments where more than half of the entrants had to play in the 'preliminary' round, which was necessary, but I think having a different system would help ease the pressure to run preliminary rounds when there are so few doubles matches being played in the week.

Again if this Challenger system were to be adopted, maybe the finalists of the Challenger tournament in a week get a Special Entry into the following weeks ATP tournament (if there is again a need to split the DTT entries)? I was thinking this might be fairer for those relegated to the Challenger tournaments to give them (us) a chance at being rewarded for playing well, and be able to earn the bigger points in the ATP the following week. (of course this would mean 2 less direct entries, but that would be fairly easy to manage, considering that TT criteria is much more complex and there is rarely any problem there.)

Anyhow, food for thought. It may not be necessary to implement something like this, but I think it would be good to have a plan in case DTT does get bigger.

Cheers JJ
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