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Talking Q&A: Dee wants some questions

Originally Posted by Seingeist View Post
My wife is enormously into knitting and crocheting; in fact, she enjoys designing and selling her own patterns!

1. What is the most elaborate piece of clothing that you have ever created?

Yes, a very talented group in that season. The season that just ended was extremely disappointing, though.

2. Do you have any "guilty pleasures" that you'd be embarrassed to admit that you like?

Me too!

3. Who are your three favorite bands or musicians?
Thats great for your wife, she must've had an eye for style but is more creative
1) I dont think I made a fabric, but I know that I made a garment which was a t shirt and skirt, but it turn out to be a disaster, it was for a the jonas brothers concert my friend invited me I think about two years ago, and I wore those outfits with high heels and the concert was fun and great it was at the staples center, but afterwards when I was walking to the car my toes started hurting and when I sat down in my friends car I realized that I had blisters, but at least I had fun tho

I actually wanted cristian to win, he was one of my faves in the show and
I liked the fashion show too!
2) I like to put chocolate icing on top of wheat bread and add strawberries w/ sugar on top, I know that sounds disguisting but its soooooooooooo good

thats great
3)um Lady gaga, india or la india(one of my fave vocalist for house music) and michael jackson, I like all music

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