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Re: Q&A: Dee wants some questions

Originally Posted by Seingeist View Post
1. Do you know how to knit or crochet?

2. Do you like Project Runway?

3. What do you mean exactly by, "I fear God the most?" (Were your subsequent sentences intended as an elaboration of that statement, or are they unrelated?)

4. Which qualities in a potential mate are most important to you?

5. Are you back yet: favorite crunchy snack?

6. How about favorite low-end fast-food, e.g. McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, etc.?
1) I know how to crochet, I LOVE CROCHETING!

2) I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY its one of my fave shows, my fave season is season 4

3)im a christian, and what I fear the most is what would God prepare for us in the future, I dunno what it is but thats what I mostly fear, the second thing is I'm still afraid of the dark

4)i want a guy to have an amazing personality thats open and humble and full of sense of humor, a guy who would love me for who I am, in real life I'm very shy and sweet and random but also quirky, thats what I want from a guy

5) ok I love animal crackers, I use to munch on them all the time and I still do

6)mc donalds and wendys are my fave, I jus ate mc donalds today
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