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Re: Q&A: Dee wants some questions

Originally Posted by Seingeist View Post
Alright, barrage time

1. Are you going to college? (and please know that this isn't a "judgmentally" loaded question - I think that there are plenty of decent reasons not to)

2. Did you find one of the specific branches of math more stimulating than the others, e.g. algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc.?

3. How did you develop an interest in watching tennis?

4. Why Rafa Nadal?

5. What do you fear more than anything in the world?

6. What is the worst thing that you've ever done to someone?

7. Do you plan to marry someday or remain single?

8. Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

9. Do you think that human beings are basically good or basically evil (or neither)?

10. If forced, to which country would you most want to emigrate?

11. What is your favorite crunchy snack?

12. What is your favorite fast food place?
1) Oh no worries, im currently in adult school taking sewing class for my fashion major, im planning on going back to college next year in the spring, i dropped out 4 yrs ago because of long distance traveling, which led me to great depression, it was soooooo hard to find confidence and motivation and strength to do something with my life, but now im ready to start all over again with college, my major is fashion, im also interested in interior and architecture.

2)I loved algebra it was sooooo easy, geometry was interesting but tricky to understand, i wish i did better in geometry, i would love to take geometry again just to understand it more, the others i didnt get to it yet

3)Well my parents were watching espn just looking for football(american) and basketball, then around 1999, they called me to watch serena in the final against hingis, i was so amaze how serena was an amazing athlete, she hit the ball so powerful and so consistantly that i was hooked, then from there i started watching tennis, but only the americans because i didnt know the other players, after 2003 i stopped watching tennis, i dunno why, i jus stopped then 2008 the first tournament i saw was french open and the first player i saw from another country was Rafa, i never heard of him but when i saw him, i was crazy in love with the guy, i was actually looking for the american players but not to many were in the tournament because either they werent there or they lost early, but yea it funny because rafa was my first i watched then wimby i saw another spainard Feliciano, then us open i saw Fernando Verdasco, he was playing against machado of portugal(3rd round of us open), that match was full of drama and funny as hell, but yea i loved atp and wta tennis ever since

4)When i first watched rafa like i answered in number 3 question, he was the first person i saw, what really amaze me about him was the fact that he fought hard on every single point, i never at that time seen a player who runs as fast as rafa, hes soooooo talented and so fun to watch, and i picked him over fed because fed at that time reminded me of sampras for some reason maybe because of the serve and style of his game, but yea and when he spoke he was a sweet guy who was still struggling a lil with english but i loved his sense of humor, he was soooooo funny, he made me love tennis more again, hes an inspiration in my life, he taught me how to work hard and be myself and dont ever give up on anything thats tough in life, i know thats kinda cliche but he really made me realized that and i was still depress at that time

5)I fear God the most, i wonder what would happened if the world would fall apart and people all of a sudden just die outta nowhere, and then what if the wrath of the war comes, its scary to know what might happen if the world falls apart into darkness

6)Its actually something sexual but i prefer not to talk about it

7)I would love to get married but i wanna first meet a person and get to know them and be in a relationship before i get married, i want things to be right before that happens, i dont want to rush the situation because that puts soooooo much pressure on the relationship

8)Sorry i had to look at what those two words are, when i was depress during middle school, high school and even college i was pessimist, i was so negitive about life and myself i didnt believe that i can live a better life or achieve anything, but now i am sure im a optimist, i like to look at things being positive i want to make sure that i am happy as much as possible, i dont want to live in a fog anymore, i want to be sure that i can have inspiration and conquer my goals

9)I dont want to judge i that one, i think all of us are good and/or bad, we all make mistakes whether its big or small, we are all not perfect in this world, for sure God created the heaven and the earth, and we must obey his command and follow him as our God and our father

10)I had to look up "emigrate" as well, but anyways, i think i have three places i wanna emigrate, Spain, New Zealand and Malta, outta those three i wanna live in Spain, i just love the country and the culture and the food, i never been there but i wanna visit there one day, i actually wanna live in andalusia, spain because of the beaches and the waves and it reminds me of cali where i grew up

11)Oh thats a tough one............imma get back to you on that one

12)Chilis and resturant is between Foo Chow(chinese food place where Rush Hour was filmed) and Tips House(thai food place)
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