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Re: ~°-*~ Castle is waiting for the new season - Volume 43


Originally Posted by NadalMyHero View Post
i think my Gemini demons are about to explode, one person is really driving me insane, the fact that this person thinks that my username is so pathetic and so embarassing, the fact that this person tries very hard to unload my evil side, i really dont know how to think of him other than an evil person, the fact that he makes front of my writing and my posting pics, and calls me a child really makes me think, you know for an american how come my english writing is so bad, gosh these brits and scots like to make me an american look like we can never ever speak nor write better than they can, you know what........i think this is about to be a war between me and this scot

what have i done to this dude, all i came hear to do is cheer on my fave players and make friends, then he insults me, i am human i have
Originally Posted by LawrenceOfTennis View Post
this clown badrepping me for no reason
anyway I answered him in that thread
Dee, Lőri The guy is kind of badrepping, if you aren't curious about his opinion, put him to ignore list.

Originally Posted by LawrenceOfTennis View Post
Good night guys, I have to wake up in 3 hours and it will be a long journey
I wish you a good trip, my friend!

Originally Posted by Clay Death View Post
thanks to you princess di the new volume is off to a wonderful start.

general javier the fearless is no doubt very proud of you as we all are. the castle has some truly great people representing it.
I hope he will.

Originally Posted by Pirata. View Post

Hope everyone [who celebrates it ] had a good Halloween. My friends and I had a party and I made some pretty awesome pumpkin pie. We also had root beer with whipped cream vodka. Delicious

Good to hear you enjoyed. We don't celebrate Halloween. Okay, sometimes we go to out and I didn't in this year.

Originally Posted by Snowwy View Post
That would be exciting. I really thought he was going to be a bust coming out of college but he has proven me wrong so far.
Snowwy (), I see you don't have avatar now. I offer you that popular Canadian player: (As I noticed, he became quite liked during this week)

Never ever give up
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