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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Thank you guys about Montenegro*

Here is kind of how I see it:

1. Slovenia and Croatia, wanted to separate from the start because they were the more wealthier of the nations of former Yugoslavia. From the inception to its death, most of these people did not want to share their lands resources with their neighbors. They only wanted the lands for themselves. I guess in some sense they were greedy and accused poorer nations like Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia etc. of leeching off of them. While wealth was important to these two, so was cultural nationalism that had always existed in these regions.

2. Albanians of Kosovo, Kosovo separated more for cultural reasons than economic ones. The Albanians of Kosovo were waiting for an excuse and Slovenia and Croatia, inspired and provoked them to take action ASAP. These guys were nationalist to the point where they even hated not just Serbs, but Bosnians and other minorities in these lands.

3. Bosnia. I believe most Bosnians had this in mind: "What's the point of Yugoslavia anymore, Slovenia, Croatia, etc. have already split. They don't want to be a part of it. And this system and its economy are going to drop ASAP. We might as well separate too". So when this happened, Bosnians, Serbians, and even Croatians, were quick to react. They realized what was at stake (the lands).

So pretty much I would say at heart, Croatia, Slovenia, and Kosovo, were the perpetrators that never wanted to stick it out. Whereas Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, only reacted to nationalism/separation because they saw what was coming.

I'm sure though, even if Croatia, Slovenia, and Kosovo, wouldn't have sent in their resignation, I'm more than sure the war was imminent (if not), then somehow, someway, the collapse of Yugoslavia would have happened (because of cultural reasons primarily and economic reasons as a secondary motive).

With all said and done. Hopefully there is a way that these people and even their minorities (like Hungarians, Gypsies, Turks, Goranis etc.) can all live in peace.
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