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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by @Sweet Cleopatra View Post
But what exactly happened that it was so easy to kill your neighbor. Were relations totally nonexistent between people before that time. What triggered violence?
There was an anti-Serb hostility among Croats dating to the 1800s. It stems from different social statuses of the two groups in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Serbs were free farmers and military men, directly under the control of the Austrian Emperor. Croats were mostly serfs of the Hungarians.

Ante Starcevic was the father of the rabidly anti-Serb ideology:čević He is also the father of modern Croatian nationalism.

The Roman Catholic church was also extremely hostile to the Orthodox Church, especially after the Vatican-Yugoslav Concordat failed. Thus, Catholic priests often inspired massacres and conducted them. Even nuns murdered Serb children. Both priests and nuns were involved in the concentration camps and killed people in them.

Those factors coupled with the German/Italian invasion of 1941 set the groundwork for a fascist Croatian state which attempted to exterminate every last Serb, Jew, and Gypsy they could get their hands on.

Muslims in Bosnia either embraced a Croat ethnicity ("Muslim Croats") or were coerced into doing so. They thus collaborated extensively with the Croat anti-Serb campaign, massacring Serbs and assisting in deportations to Jasenovac and other death camps in Croatia and Bosnia.

Also, Muslims were bitter because of the agricultural reform that took place in 1919 after WWI. Muslim landowners who controlled most of the land lost this property and it was given to the people living on it, who were mostly Serb farmers.


The Kosovo Albanians are quite apart from the Croat-Muslim situation. They merely wanted Kosovo for themselves and killed and expelled Serbs during the war. Albanians and Serbs never had great relations and always lived parallel existences, probably due to the language difference.

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