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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by shiaben View Post
Cleopatra, you have to be very specific about Milosevic. Are you referring to "regrets" in terms of govt. influence in Serbia?
In which Vida, Aloimeh, and everyone else have already answered. Or are you referring to Milosevic in terms of war?
(against the neighboring nations).

I never understood why Montenegro separated from Serbia after a long stay. I don't know if this was U.S. influence pressuring them
to become a nation to make Serbia smaller, or if they really wanted to become sovereign. They did recognize Kosovo, so for this reason,
I'm going to assume could have been outside political pressure, unless of course Montenegrins themselves thought their land would take
a hit if they remain with Serbia because of economic problems of the time.
montenegro separated from 'serbia and montenegro' because that way their govermant could have continued their criminal ventures without being overly bothered.

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