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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by @Sweet Cleopatra View Post
But I notice that most of Milosovic supporters are people who can't say neglecting minorities rights was part of the problem. Many of them have right wing religious ideas.
Do those people still like Milosovic and still think things went totally okay, and the problem was from outsiders like a conspiracy, or they are revising their ideas now?
Whom they think are responsible for the killings that happened?
I feel the problem is so complicated and I want to understand every party feelings before having a conclusion. I am currently reading history of Balkan and I want to understand people and not just read history books.
First, Milosevic was not supported by far right wing religious people. Those people had a monarchist orientation. Karadzic was more in line with them. Milosevic was a leftist, an atheist, and considered a traitor by many of those people.

Look at an ethnic map of Serbia and you will see that most if not all of the minorities are exactly where they were before 1991. Slovaks, Hungarians, Vlachs, Bulgarians, Muslims, Croats, and Albanians.

This map is from 1940 (just before WWII):

This is a map from 2002:

As you can see, the only major change was the expulsion of Germans as punishment for WWII collaboration, which happened at the end of the war and was done by the Communists under Tito, not by Milosevic or any Serb leader before him.

As for who was responsible for most of the killings, I believe it was local police and captains, as well as paramilitaries, and their subordinates. When a conflict like this breaks out between former neighbors, especially those who may have had grudges from the past, the bloodshed can be awful. Most Westerners try to see this through the lens of WWII history, where German soldiers and SS under political command perpetrate crimes. That is completely the wrong way to look at this because the mentality of the people is very different, very individualistic, very tending towards factiousness and rebellion.

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