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Originally Posted by Lee View Post

Vasek Pospisil: This is what @fredniemeyer's typical day of coaching consists of.

Frederic Niemeyer: @VasekPospisil Getting so nervous being around u now cause u are constantly examine ALL my moves hoping to get a good tweet out of it.


Frederic Niemeyer: We all know @VasekPospisil's addiction to SUBWAY! Today, Vasek was the happiest man in Russia!!!

(That down jacket can't be his, right?

JamieUrdaneta: Did he ask for an autograph? You don't get to see a big subway like that everyday.

Vasek Pospisil: I was too starstruck.. forgot to ask for an autograph

Vasek Pospisil: Btw, I think @fredniemeyer is disappointed he didnt get more followers for his last tweet. "Best tweet of all time", in his words

Frederic Niemeyer: Again Subway boy! I'm not looking to add more followers but to get people's funny reaction. Get it right this time!

Stephanie Myles: I hear Subway Dude's looking for a coach, Fred, so you've always got a fallback. HUGE serve.

Vasek Pospisil: Haha! I'll gladly switch places. Fred can coach subway dude and I'll be the mascot. I'll wear the costume with pride

Stephanie Myles: Bet it smells sweet in the summer.

Frederic Niemeyer: TRUST me, the mascot's costume smells like flowers compare to V's tennis clothes after a tennis match. Here is the proof! Laundry bag stays outside the room. RULE #1


By the way, Court1 has livestreams.
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