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Re: Vasek Pospisil

Frederic Niemeyer: @VasekPospisil stop trying to speak czech in Russia- they don't understand you.


Vasek Pospisil: After the first set today, my Russian opponent decided he was too tired to continue. I guess he had places to be and things to do.

(And I was thinking this time his joke went over the line...)

Frederic Niemeyer: @VasekPospisil opponent today, Kumantsov, partied too much during the week, he wanted to go back to bed after the 1st set- crazy Russians.
The best part is that it is true. A lot of talented players in Russia. A lot of talent wasted.


Frederic Niemeyer: Sharing Hotel room w/ @VasekPospisil St-Petersburg. He has so many funny habits. I want to share with the world but not sure where to start. You can definitely see that @VasekPospisil is used to have roommates on the road. Every little moves he makes is well calculated to his favor.

Vasek Pospisil: I dont consider showering a funny habit @fredniemeyer, if thats what you're referring to. You should try it sometimes, you might enjoy it : )

Frederic Niemeyer: @VasekPospisil I HAVE to shower at the club because you are using our bathroom as a clothes line. IT SOOOOOOO SMELLY in there WOW!!!!


Frederic Niemeyer: He takes his shower/bath with his little duck. He carries it every week. Is he really 21 years old?

anna_tennisfan: @fredniemeyer this is a mark of a true champion (& Roger's Cup winner), as evidenced here: (CC: @VasekPospisil )

Frederic Niemeyer: I'll be nice to him before heading to bed (match AM). He sleeps in his sexy undies and shirtless-sexy body!

Vasek Pospisil: @fredniemeyer I may use a duck but at least i have a sexy body (as u said urself). Something you can only dream of at your old age.

Vasek Pospisil: Too tired to keep arguing with a 35 year old child. Ill get some pics of @fredniemeyer tmrw and put an end to this once and for all, muhahaa


Frederic Niemeyer: @VasekPospisil "DRINK WATER". As a coach, u have to try all the techniques to pass ur message when it doesn't work.Young generation-INTERNET!

I love banter between these two on twitter. It's like they are made for each other.
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