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Re: The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread! Part 2

Originally Posted by arm View Post
The photos I took in Sweden are on FB now, star see, you put photos for me, I put photos for you
Saw them yesterday!

Originally Posted by star View Post
I’m sure people do. I always took an interest in mine, so I didn’t have to look when I was grown. Her interest turned into a nice book. These girls are so young and seemingly valiant. In the middle of the book the author takes time to tell the story of her family which is not as interesting to me as is the lives of the factory girls. I admire them and also the author because trying to find out about them and keep up with them must have been very
I will get my hand on the book today.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Lee, how is your shoulder doing? Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday you deserve it
My shoulder is doing much better. Thank You I almost have my whole range of movement back although Some I can only hold for a second or two before the pain becomes unbearable.
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